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Waterfall Pack (For Wonderdraft)

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10 types of waterfalls (to be used with sample color mode)

If you need your oceans to fall from the edge off your world, or you need a wall of waterfalls, these assets are made for those purposes.

Tips and notes about these assets:

"Fluffy Clouds" are used as referance to draw the fog of the waterfalls so those clouds can be used with these assets to cover the spaces or to create a better look depanding on where these assets are placed. 

Since these assets are made to be used on oceans, or seas or lakes, they can't be used with rivers as they are, because their size is quite big for the rivers.

There are 3 waterfalls without fogs to be used as a connection between the foggy waterfalls. 

I personally use these assets in "mountains" folder not to pick a new one everytime i place a waterfall. So i suggest doing the same to save some time if you are planning to create a huge wall with these assets.

We hope you like them. :)

The lisence terms below apply when the content is purchased.

Lisence: Cal-Na-Nc-Ns

No Attribution, non-commercial, cannot be shared.

This license allows the user to use the contents from the art pack for personal use in their user content only. It is allowed to make modifications to the contents, but the user is not allowed to share the original or modified contents.

Commercial use and reselling or redustributing of the contents (modified and base items) in any way is forbidden. The user is not required to mention the creator.


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