Ten 40x40 Wilderness Maps

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"Ten 40x40 battle maps provide a variety of vistas for travel on the open road to desperate battles in the wilderness. Roadblocks and ridges; cliffs and forest; camps and treefall; the danger of an ambush lurks everywhere.   

Created on Illwinter's Floorplan Generator.

Map assets by (1) Tom Cartos (https://www.patreon.com/tomcartos/posts) and (2) Forgotten Adventures https://www.patreon.com/forgottenadventures/posts.

Personal use only NOT for commercial use or redistribution.  

Digital download includes (gridded and non-gridded versions):

1 (2560px x 2560px) Camp on a roadside;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Road through a wooded area; 

1 (2560px x 2560px) Crossroads with a roadblock;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Crossroads;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Road near a Cliffside;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Treefall blocking a Road near a Cliffside; 

 1 (2560px x 2560px) Bridge crossing;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Bridge crossing with ridges;

1 (2560px x 2560px) Road between two Hills; and

1 (2560px x 2560px) Chasm crossing.”