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Ataman: The Glutton

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Ataman Iskor is a giant dwarf known as, "The Glutton," because he eats everything in sight. He's eaten so much, and he's grown so large, that he eats entire villages now: people and buildings alike. This map was created by an intrepid adventurer who ended up dying inside the giant after making a map for anyone who was unfortunate enough to get eaten, but still survive. There is no known exit, but creative players might be able to figure something out...

"Ataman Iskor" is altered Swedish for "eat people," and "Chakula," the adventurer, is Swahili for "food."

The maps I want to make are free, but it would be nice to get some recognition(though that's optional) by following my friends and me on Instagram and Twitch at chroniclesofthejourneymen.