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The town of Anchor: a coastal village in a desert oasis, home to pirates, mercenaries, pickpockets, and charlatans.

If you download this, do whatever you'd like with it, but in my campaign, this was a town that, years ago, got destroyed by floodwaters that never receded, hence the ruins found by the docks. In these ruins lived a group of people called, "The Wash-Outs." They were a gang of pickpocketing children, trafficked by the criminals who lived in town. The saving grace of Anchor was the Temple of Light in the Northwest. The duties of the temple's clerics were to rescue the Wash-Outs and, eventually, take back the town from the evil criminals who controlled it, a task the party members in my campaign helped deal with.

This map is yours and free to do with as you wish, but maybe my thought-process will help inspire you for how you might use it in your campaign.

The maps I want to make are free, but it would be nice to get some recognition(though that's optional) by following my friends and me on Instagram and Twitch at chroniclesofthejourneymen.