Become a Creator

Welcome friend!

So you want to become a creator on TopoTurtle? Getting setup is very simple, but before we talk about that, there a few things to know before getting started.

A Creator on agrees to the following terms:

  • A Creator agrees that all uploaded digital files are of fair use and are allowed to be used for sale and commercial use. It is against the law to offer (paid or free) artwork that is copyright protected. Creators agree that they will not post another artist's digital maps, artwork, or published materials to the TopoTurtle marketplace. All assets, programs, and artwork used to create products offered must meet requirements for commercial and resale use. The Creator takes full responsibility for all digital products uploaded to TopoTurtle. TopoTurtle is not responsible for digital products offered, but will ban any Creators who violate this agreement.

  • TopoTurtle offers Creators an online marketplace to sell their products. In exchange, TopoTurtle grants Creators 70% of their total asking price set by Creators.  Ex: Product price set at $10.00. Each sale will net the Creator $7.00.

  • Paypal is the only offered service for payment from TopoTurtle to Creators. Creators must have a PayPal account in order to be paid for sales made on TopoTurtle. Paid products will not be approved until a PayPal account is entered.

  • Non-US Creators will have money conversion fees removed from their payments and a minimum balance of $0.99 USD is required for payment processesing. International Paypal conversion fees are detailed as a follows:

  • TopoTurtle agrees to send payouts to Creators at least bi-monthly (1st & 15th every month) so long as Creator has provided PayPal payment information. TopoTurtle may send out payments more frequently, but no less than twice per month.

  • Although TopoTurtle hosts all preview files and digital artwork uploaded by Creators, TopoTurtle does not claim ownership or responsibility for files and artwork. Creators are responsible for letting customers know if their artwork can be used for personal or commercial use. If neither is documented in the product details, personal and commercial use will be assumed.

NOTE: Files larger than 20mb will need manual upload by an admin. Please contact us if you plan on uploading a large files.

If you agree to all of the above, we recommend reading through our step-by-step walkthrough on enrollment, product listing, and managing your store. 


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