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The City of Forsvar: a town known for famous cheesemakers, the infamous Taurus Gang, and the home town of Corvus Kaas, folk hero and adventurer.

This town was designed to be large, but not metropolitan. My idea behind it was to have decent amounts of farmland for cheesemaking and beer (barley).

While the Jarl lives away from the city, in Forsvar's roost, his guards maintain order and ensure the safety of the people, but are constantly at war with Taurus, ever struggling for control. Taurus has fingers in several jars and almost takes credit as Forsvar's antihero, sticking it to the man in the great hall presiding over the city as its silent god. 

This is your map now, though. Use it how you like. Have fun with it and come up with something new.

The maps I want to make are free, but it would be nice to get some recognition(though that's optional) by following my friends and me on Instagram and Twitch at chroniclesofthejourneymen.