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*Product description in English in the files 

''Located about fifteen kilometers to the east of Ranak, the village of Trab is a small agricultural  agglomeration. Most of the farmers live within a radius of two to three kilometers, and they only come here to go to the church to pray and attend the ceremonies held by Archbishop Galora. Of course they come here to go to the Galloping Hare inn!

But for the past few weeks, Galora has become more distant than usual. And for three days now, he hasn't left the church. Last night, strange shadows were seen through the stained glass  windows by Acryne, the owner of the inn. They looked like very skinny humanoids...''

An adventure for a beginning group!

For personnal use.

If you are interested in a commercial use of this product, feel free to contact me.

Digital download include: 1 12-pages PDF file / 9 JPG files