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The Silver Songbird

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Welcome to The Silver Songbird, founded by the famous singer and performer, Ingrid von Martritz in her latter years. Come in, grab a drink, and sit back as you listen to the land's most illustrious minstrels performing every night of the week. 

The spiral staircase is meant to lead to bedrooms upstairs, but this can function as a tavern or an inn or both. We use this in our home campaign as a hub for the party when they need time to cool down and relax. This is your map now, though! Our characters enjoy it as a place to make connections with fellow travelers and a wealthy innkeeper. 

I hope it serves you well in your adventures!

The maps I want to make are free, but it would be nice to get some recognition(though that's optional) by following my friends and me on Instagram and Twitch at chroniclesofthejourneymen.