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*Product description in English in the files*

Created by Jean-Claude ''Raznag'' Tremblay (@tremblay.j)

Dug in time immemorial by water infiltration, this natural cave has only been occupied by a group of bandits for a few years.  Inhabited for the majority of its history by wild beasts, it was later the lair of a tribe of Kobolds named ''Koz Dym Dur'' which means Rough Scales in Draconic language. It was then that a group of bandits seeking to be forgotten for a while discovered it. After some fruitless talks with the tribe, the bandits stormed it and it was no surprise (and also despite their rough scales) that the tribe was wiped out. The bandits known as the Group of Seven therefore live here almost peacefully. Located far enough in the forest, the group only goes out sporadically in order to carry out a few thefts to fill their chests.

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