Pro Tip: Tagging Your RPG Content

Have you just uploaded a bunch of new content to the site, but your products aren't coming up in any of the searches? Maybe you opened up our Regional Maps collection and your world map isn't showing there. Welcome to our tagging workshop that will get you tagging like a pro in no-time!

TopoTurtle puts RPG fantasy maps and content at the fingertips of world builders, dungeon masters, and artists. In order to do that though, customers need to be able to search for your products. And in order to do THAT, Creators need to be tagging their products.

This all begins with the product listing. If you need a refresher on listing your products please review our guide to Listing Your First Product.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to use the following product as an example:

Andrick's Hut - grid/no grid:

1. Category

Use one of the following categories to get your map in the appropriate category:

  • 'Map' 
  • 'Map Asset'
  • 'Character Art'
  • 'Adventure'

2. Define your content

Map examples: dungeon, battle map, town, wilderness, etc.
Map Assets examples: icons, trees, banners, buildings, mountains, etc.
Character Art examples: paladin, tiefling, human, monk, artificier, etc.
Adventure examples: 5e, levels 3-7, pathfinder, pirates, etc.

3. Method of Creation

We want to let customers know how your artwork was created. In this case, a tag for 'Inkarnate' would be suitable as that's the program used to create this map. 

Many customers look for specific types of content, like 'hand-drawn' for immersive handouts to give to their players. 'DungeonDraft' is also a commonly searched term for fantasy RPG maps.

4. Who Are You?

Creators on TopoTurtle range from the amateur map enthusiast to illustration professionals with huge Patreon followings. Whoever you are, you are welcome here!

We recommend all Creators add a tag using their vendor name. If my vendor name was Mary's Maps, for example, I would add the tag 'Mary's Maps' to all of my products. This is useful for applying for a featured Creator collection of your own. 

If you also have a Patreon account that your product listing links to, using the tag 'patreon' can help TopoTurtle customers find professional accounts like yours.

5. What's in Your Content

Alright, now we get to the part of tagging that might be more familiar to you. Using Andrick's Hut from above, I would want to start detailing out all of the things that the RPG map might include. In this case, I would list out tags like the following:

    • mountains
    • cold
    • cold weather
    • isometric 
    • snow
    • trees
    • snow
    • scene
    • grid
    • no grid
    • ice cave
    • ice
    • hut
    • dead trees
    • frozen
    • cave


Remember, tags are to be used to clarify your content and make it easier for customers to find your work. Please refrain from tagging products with information that gets your product listed in collections that it shouldn't be.

If your product isn't a world map, don't tag it as a world map to get seen. Your content may get removed from the site if this becomes an issue.

If you have any issues or need some support, please feel free to reach out 

Now you're ready to tag like pro!