Share Your RPG Content Part 3: Managing Your Store

You have made it to the end! Now it's time to go over your Creator dashboard. In this last article, we will be going over some of the important sections here. Treat this as your Creator Page Guide.

At first glance, you have your quick view of Total Products, Total Orders, and Total Earnings. 

Total Products

Approved - Number of products submitted to TopoTurtle and approved by an admin
Pending - Number of products submitted to TopoTurtle, and not yet approved by an admin
Expired - Number of products submitted to TopoTurtle that have been canceled

IMPORTANT: Once a product is submitted to TopoTurtle, changes to the product cannot be made to the active product. For any special requests like making edits, reuploading digital files, or changing product photos, please contact, and an admin will delete the product. 

Total Orders

Fulfilled - Number of your products that customers have completed the checkout process for.
Partial - Number of your products sitting in customers cart
Unfulfilled - NA (digital files are automatically fulfilled)

Total Earnings

Total Paid - Dollar amount (US Dollars) paid out to you by
Total Due - Dollar amount (US Dollars) still pending payment by


Following the quick view, you will find a few shortcut buttons.


This will give you a list of all of your products submitted to, and show you some important details. You can also verify your product status here after submitting a new product.

Add Product

Please see part 2 of our tutorial "Posting Your Content" for more details regarding the Add Product page.


Here you will find a list of all completed orders by your customers. Since we are only dealing with digital files, all orders are automatically fulfilled at checkout.

Manage Profile

You can edit your name and email address on this page. If you wish to correct or use a different Display Name, a new account will need to be created using a different address.


Payment Detail

IMPORTANT: IF YOU WANT TO BE PAID, YOU MUST USE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Paid products will not be approved if this information is not present. We hope to expand to other payment methods soon, but for now, we are limited to PayPal.

Payment Method - Must be set to PayPal

Payment Details - Simply add the email address of your PayPal account that you would like funds sent to

Transaction Detail

Here you can view receipts of payments made by to you. TopoTurtle will issue payouts on a bi-weekly basis.

Change Password

Page to change your password from within the Creator profile.


And that's it! Your account has been set up, your first product has been uploaded, and you're PayPal account has been added for payment. 

Congratulations! You've contributed to our library of RPG content! May it live on for ages to come.

Please send any questions or concerns to