Share Your RPG Content Part 2: Posting Your Content

Alright. So you've just been approved as a Creator on TopoTurtle. Congratulations! Now the real fun begins!

This is part two of our three-part tutorial on Share Your RPG Content. If you're confused, please see part one (TopoTurtle Creator Enrollment) before moving forward. 

In this section, we will be adding a new product and going over how to optimize your product's tags for the best searchability. Let's get started!

First, navigate to your Creator profile. -> Creator Login -> Login with your Creator account credentials. If it has been more than 48 hours and you are still waiting to be approved, please follow the directions to reach out for assistance. 

Your brand new TopoTurtle Creator profile page should look like this:

Seller profile page topoturtle

We will go over the various sections in part three (Managing Your Store), but for now, click on the Add Product button in the middle of the page. Do not be intimidated by the number of fields! We'll walk you through each one!

Product Name

Give your content a title! For adventure modules, this is typically the title of the book or one-shot. For characters, maybe it's their name, race, and class. If you are sharing encounter maps, we recommend you also add the size.
Good Example: Underground Ruins of Wayford (24x24)
Bad Example: Ruins

Product Description

This is your opportunity to describe in detail exactly what you are selling. Please provide as much detail about what you are offering. Things to consider including:
  • Drop your name and maybe the campaign it was made for
  • Name the program you used to create it.
  • Give credit to asset creators
  • Define if the buyer is allowed to use for personal or commercial (if none given, both are assumed)
  • A detailed list of all files included
"Created by Eric Garcia for his homebrew campaign Secrets of the Naexerra using Dungeondraft with no added assets. This RPG map features the underground structure of the Wayford Ruins. Located in the small town of Wayford in the Dros province.
A spiral staircase leads into the first of two main rooms. Much of the surrounding walls have crumbled; giving way to a small network of caves. Hidden in the caves is a forgotten altar.
Map size 24x24 tiles.
For personal or commercial use (if commercial please credit)
Digital download includes:
- 1 png file (1680 x 1680 px) of the Wayford ruins underground dungeon with grid
- 1 png file (1680 x 1680 px) of the Wayford ruins underground dungeon with no grid"

Product Tags

Properly tagged products are essential to customers finding your products. The website's search function reliant on these tags.
Include as many important details about your product as you deem appropriate, but also check out the categories section at the top of the page for a view of our smart collections. If certain tags are added to your product, it will be automatically added to the corresponding smart collection.
A snowy isometric mountain map with a gridded and no grid version may have the following tags: 
    • map
    • encounter
    • mountains
    • cold
    • cold weather
    • isometric 
    • snow
    • trees
    • snow
    • grid
    • no grid
    • ice cave
    • ice
    • hut
    • dead trees
    • frozen
    • cave



For digital sales, no SKU is necessary.

Product Images

These will act as the previews of your work. Typically, it's good practice to upload a lower resolution file for previews than the actual digital download. A TopoTurtle watermark is added automatically to every product uploaded to help prevent theft.

If you are including multiple files in your digital download, maybe only upload a few previews and be very clear with what's included in your Product Description. 

Digital Product Files

This is where you will upload your digital files. Only one file is accepted, so if you have multiple files to upload, it will be necessary to compress them into a zip file. You may ignore the "Filestypes you may upload are pdf, JPG, GIF, PNG" message. 

There is currently a user upload max of 20mb per product. Larger files can be accommodated by request. Please email with your request.

Accessible Days

We recommend setting this number to 0 (unlimited). If any other number is used here it is required to have the instructions in your Product Description.

Download Limit

We recommend setting this number to 0 (unlimited). If any other number is used here it is required to have the instructions in your Product Description.


Time to set your price. TopoTurtle provides artists and designers 70% of all their total sales. You may also set your price to $0 and we will host your content for free downloads.

Consider your product and audience while setting your price. Most DMs run through encounter maps pretty often, and you're better off selling those for a few dollars. On the other hand, If you've spent years developing a world or campaign setting that a DM could utilize to build their own game, people are always willing to pay for great content.

Sample Prices:
One file, single map, encounter, scene = $0.50
Multi-file (2-8 files), variant maps, encounter (grid & no-grid), scenes = $1.00-$2.00
Large Map Packs = $5.00

Your Portion

This will automatically update to 70% of what you enter in the Price field.

Compare At Price

Leave this at $0. You are only allowed to sell your own work, so there should never be a Compare At Price.


Leave unchecked. Currently, we only deal in digital files so no inventory information is needed.


There you have it! You're ready to click Save and this will send your product to an admin to review. Once approved, your product will be automatically added to TopoTurtle's website utilizing all of the information you provided. 

In our next tutorial, we'll go over your Creator page, payment info, and more.

Share Your RPG Content Part 3: Managing Your Store