July Update: Not Just RPG Fantasy Maps

Monthly Update: July 2020

As I continue to make TopoTurtle the best place for RPG content creators, I want to give you all an update as to what I have been working on. Moving forward, I will do my best to compile everything into monthly updates.


The beta website for TopoTurtle is currently being hosted by Shopify, and various 3rd party Shopify apps make the multi-vendor experience possible. This was great for building the minimum viable product (MVP), but as creators began using the site, the limitations became very apparent.

Things like maximum file size (20mb), non-existent creator profiles, ability to add commission products, and much more are all non-negotiable limitations of using Shopify. For these reasons, I have hired some support to help build a custom website on my own dedicated server.

With all of the features I want to incorporate into the new site, this will take some time to complete. We are still in the early design phase of the inner pages but should be starting on development soon. I hope to have a launch date by next month's update.



When I first started TopoTurtle, my original intention was to build a library of user-created fantasy maps. I quickly learned this community is full of incredible RPG creators of all types and realized the desperate need of a space dedicated to all of you talented artists.

TopoTurtle is starting with homebrew adventures, character art, fantasy maps, sci-fi maps, and map assets for now. As various creators begin to join and request new content, I plan to adapt the website to accommodate.



I want to stay directly connected with the RPG community as much as possible while also helping to showcase creators of all types. I have created a Discord server for anyone wanting to talk about RPGs or share what they are working on.

Too many times I see social groups discourage linking their website or RPG content that they are creating or selling. I have dedicated Discord channels specifically for self-promotion. If you are making any of the following, we have a Self Promotion channel just for you:
  • Tabletop RPG Twitch Shows
  • RPG Character Art
  • Homebrew Item Art and Stats
  • Published RPG Adventures
  • Music and Ambience
  • RPG Battlemaps
  • Fantasy Maps
  • Sci-Fi Maps
  • Terrain and Miniatures
  • RPG YouTube Channel
  • RPG Podcasts
  • Dice
  • RPG Kickstarter
  • 3D RPG Model Designs
I have been blown away by the growing community we have already, and everyone is very supportive of each other's projects. We even spawned our very own Turtle Guild with members collaborating on a whole adventure together! 

Discord Invite Link:


Thank you all for believing in this passion project of mine. I hope to build something truly great for you all.

~Eric G.