August Update: Site Development on the Web's Newest RPG Content Hub

Monthly Update: August 2020

Greetings creators and RPG players! As promised, I wanted to update you all on TopoTurtle's progress in monthly updates. Let me share with you all the progress we've had this month!


While the current website functions mostly as intended, the need to have a custom website built from the ground up became absolutely necessary in order to accommodate the specific needs of the RPG community. As you can imagine, this takes time.

We have just completed the overall design of the website, and are now breaking ground on the development work. I do not have an estimate at this time for when the new site will be launched, but I am hoping that by the next monthly update I will have a clearer picture on the completion.

Once the website is functional, I intend to open it up to testers before it goes live. If you have any specific interest in becoming a beta tester, please send an email to with a brief message mentioning your interest.

Here's a quick preview of our new homepage:

topoturtle preview homepage rpg fantasy maps character art adventures


I always want to be sure I am providing you all with a very clear breakdown of fees and how they apply to your products (there will be a page dedicated to this). It has been a tough obstacle to tackle while trying to balance what is right for content creators and what is right from a business standpoint.

The reality is that, if payments are being accepted online, credit card companies want their share. 99% of the time this amounts to about 3% + $0.30.

This becomes problematic with products like digital RPG content (fantasy map packs, adventures, character art packs, etc.) that are typically sold for $5 or less. Especially with a model where fans subscribe to you for $1 a month. For example, a $1 transaction would immediately be reduced to $0.67 with 33% (3% + $0.30) going directly to credit card companies! After TopoTurtle site fee, this doesn't leave much for creators.

To try to remedy this issue, I have been in contact with various payment processors to find a solution that best fits this community. I have found a way to change the credit card fees to 5% + $0.05 instead. This will be greatly beneficial for all content creators selling products or offering services under $12.


TopoTurtle plans to have three different memberships that will serve our users for different intentions - Apprentice, Adventurer, and Champion. 

Apprentice (free)
Similar to our current site model, but a few notable changes.

First and foremost, the introduction of storage space. Each user will be granted 1gb for free.

Instead of 30% of revenue going to the site, it becomes 20% + credit card fees (5% + $0.05). In any dollar amount above $1, this is actually better than our current model. 

There will also be a Pay What You Want feature for your customers to download for free or send you a few dollars to help support your page. 

Adventurer ($5/m)

The introduction of our first monthly payment service. Apart from more storage space and a reduction in site fees for all products (10% instead of 20%), I am excited to announce that this membership will also introduce the ability to have fans of your work subscribe to you and your content!

This level will allow you to have up to 3 different subscription tiers to offer your fans. There will a section on your store page that will "unlock" for users depending on what tier they subscribe to. There will be more information on this exciting feature as the site gets closer to completion.

Champion ($10/m)

More features, less fees! At this level, TopoTurtle is only taking 5% of your total sales and subscriber transactions. It comes with 15gb of storage space and will allow up to six tiers of subscribers to your site. This membership makes the most sense for users who plan to have $50 or more in sales or subscriptions per month.


No matter which membership you choose, all of your products will be easily searchable from any page. I truly believe that together we can create the largest searchable library of incredible RPG homebrew content.

While I am ways away from my final product, I can't thank you all enough for all of your incredible support! I am constantly excited to share with you all what I am working on, and my intention will always be to create the best place on the web for RPG homebrew creators.

To stay connected, you can find me at the following:

Discord - TTRPG Creators Guild - Discord Invite
Facebook - TTRPG Creators Guild - Facebook Group
nstagram - @topoturtle

If you ever have feedback (good or bad!) on the website, please don't hesitate to reach out via